GX9 : the new essential m4/3 camera?

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Dunsun wrote:

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Pixnat2 wrote:

I think Panasonic nailed it.


The GX9 has 5 axis IBIS, the best m4/3 sensor, a beautiful design, no OLPF, great ergonomics, a built-in flash, all the bells and whistles specs.

But I think Panasonic got especially two things right : its size and price.

It seems as the new "essential" m4/3 camera.

What do you think about it?

I agree it's a lot for the money. However, this is not a GX8 successor. Having shot three GX7s for the past 3 years, I really, really wanted the bigger EVF of the GX8. Looks like I'll be buying a GX8 while I still can.

I'll take the smaller evf along with the smaller size any day of the week. Its a good trade off for ME at least. When you compared the size of the GX8 to a small entry level DSLR camera, it really wasnt that much smaller and much more expensive.

Then you must be a minority because GX80 EVF that this camera uses can not be called EVF.

What would you call it then?

Better than no evf.

This quite nice camera is stupidly killed by it.


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