Wildlife at Point Reyes National Seashore

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Re: Wildlife at Point Reyes National Seashore

lokatz wrote:

SeanHew wrote:

Went back to Point Reyes National Seashore this weekend. Please let me know which pictures you prefer and how I can improve these photos (either in camera or through post-processing). Thanks!

Hi Sean,

Never easy to have your shots 'shot down' by others, so kudos to your openness to feedback. I'll try to point out both the good and the not-so-good, but keep in mind that taste always plays a role here, so others may feel differently.

Sorry, the shot of the deer leaves me cold. Too much empty sky, too much green that is not all that interesting either. This might benefit from a tighter crop and some highlight/shadow adjustments.

Very nice shot. The elephant seal almost looks like it is laughing. Adjust highlights and shadows a bit, such that the inside of the animal's mouth is less of a black hole, and you have a real stunner here.

Not bad. The shot would have been even nicer had you waited for the bird to turn farther to the left, such that we can see its face. The grass/spiky stuff to the left is a bit irritating but probably could not have been helped.

This looks like one of those shots that you're glad to have been able to take but curse for some of the details. The distance is too far (cropping?) and the biggest issue is the grass partially hiding the coyote's face. Again, there is probably little you could have done to improve this shot, but as is, it is mostly a nice memory rather than a great picture.

Great shot, and not a lot to nitpick here. Maybe a bit more space above the antlers and a little less of that fuzzy grassy stuff at the bottom would have made it even better. Personally, I would brighten the left side of the face a tiny little bit, especially the eye, but this is a very nice shot nonetheless. Congrats!

Thanks for all the feedback! Really appreciate it! I agree with all of your suggestions. I went ahead and made your edits, what do you think of these?

Adjusted shadows and highlights. Do you think I should use an adjustment brush just for the mouth?

Gave the antlers a bit more breathing room and cropped the grass a bit more. Thoughts?

Tightened crop and raised shadows and blacks. Thoughts? Should it be an even tighter crop?

jshen808 wrote:

..beautiful captures!

..you have a good eye.. personally, I like the way you've cropped your pictures, very creative..


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dock wrote:

These pictures are much better. I agree with the corrections suggested.

Thanks! Sorry for not getting back to your messages sooner. Been busy and didn't see them until recently. Appreciate you taking the effort to show me the differences. I'll keep in mind to raise shadows more in wildlife photos, especially the face. Again, appreciate the feedback!

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