Snorkeling/Dive Camera Upgrade Questions

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Re: Snorkeling/Dive Camera Upgrade Questions

Craig R K wrote:

My apologies for another post on this subject.

About a year ago, at the tail-end of our annual vacation, I requested advice here regarding upgrading from the Fuji XP90 I have been using for our snorkeling photography. I’m getting ready to make some purchases and would just like to refresh my information.

The application is:

I’m certified and may make 1-2 dives, but my wife not-so-much, so mostly (90%) snorkeling depths.

We do this kind of Caribbean vacation only 1x /year, so no intention to invest heavily.

Images (stills and video) for personal use, friends and classroom, not commercial, so high-end quality not needed.

I have several terrestrial cameras, so no crossover is need (and no terrestrial cams except the XP90 that are appropriate for underwater).

I would like to keep the total investment (camera + housing) at or below ~$1000.

I appreciate the small size of the XP90 that just dangles from my wrist and is very easy to swim and maneuver with – therefore size matters.

Macro capability desired, but not critical, as is some built-in zoom.

At a later date, I’ll likely add an external light.

Current plan:

Used RX100 V (sensor size) with a housing. Used MkV’s seem to be going for ~$700 on eBay. Although more expensive, I would purchase the V only based on the improved focusing speed relative to earlier models. ???

Are there other options that are ~equivalent? Lower cost?

GX7 II vs, RX100 V?

Also, are there significant advantages to one brand of housing over others? Sony vs. Ikelite vs. Meikon etc.?

Thoughts/comments appreciated.

Thank you.

"Images (stills and video) for personal use, friends and classroom, not commercial, so high-end quality not needed."

For that purpose stick with what you have. Fuji XP90 is all you need. If you make 1-2 dives per year, just enjoy diving and forget the UW photography.

Both GX7 II vs, RX100 are fine cameras, but they do not take pictures, we do.

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Nice show me the pictures.

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