Synergy or VNC?

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Re: Synergy or VNC?

BearLeeAble wrote:

Billiam29 wrote:

A few questions may be in order to help clarify.

1) Do you have a preference on which machine you want your physical KVM console connected to?

2) Your tasks on each machine seem pretty distinct. Do you specifically want a single tool to access all three systems or are you open to using whatever software to reach whichever machine?

3) Is your PC running a Home or Pro edition of Windows? Pro has the built in Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) server.

4) You may end up having to leave the *nix machine logged in to access it via VNC. Is this something you’re OK with? From my experience it looked like it might theoretically be possible to avoid this with some desktop environments but it seemed like a substantial amount of work. At least more than I was willing to put in.

1) I will be working most likely with windows 10 as my primary machine
2) I don't mind using various software, the thought is I might have each machine in its own "workspace" on my pc.
3) Im running Win10 x64 pro 1709
4) all of my machines on local so its fine for them to be logged in.

The nix is a laptop, the mac is the 2014 mac mini.

currently my windows machine is my desktop.

The one issue you may have trying to do imaging work on the Mini via remote access is color management. Is there a VNC client for Windows that is fully color managed? Does the VNC server in MacOS interfere with color management? I looked into this a tiny bit about a year ago and all I ever found were people asking these questions and similar ones.

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