Parabolic reflectors in the studio

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Re: Parabolic reflectors in the studio

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I am looking into the para options for Broncolor (I now use the Siros L). As I regularly travel to locations, it also has to be portable (sort of), which limits the choice to the para 88 and 133 (both can used with the Siros L).

Maybe have a look at the following video by Karl Taylor.

I can share my experience with you, as I have both. The 88 is really a headshot modifier. The 133 is obviously larger and suited for more than just portraits. You could do full body, but it's actually a bit small for that as well so you'll get falloff. It's also easier to get the distinctive Para catchlight (with the black centre) with the 133 and Siros. The 88 takes up a lot less volume in total so it's more feasible in small spaces.

With a Siros L (especially 800), expect to use a really sturdy tripod, preferably with casters, as they get very front-heavy in the defocused position (especially the 133 because it extends further). The focusing rod is extremely strong and can carry the weight just fine, but it's just all hanging out in front. For this reason I use it with a Move/MobiLED 95% of the time, instead of a Siros.

Final tip, which you won't get anywhere else: you cannot mount either 88 or 133 to the Siros as a "reflector" (without the focusing rod). You can on every other broncolor head, but the Siros body doesn't fit inside the Para flange for direct mounting.

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Many thanks for the tips Karim. Indeed I can see the Para 88 & 133 to become quite front heavy with the Siros on one of your photos on your website. Could to know that to ensure it is balanced properly.

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