D850 Focus Peaking feature works to show DOF

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Re: D850 Focus Peaking feature works to show DOF

calson wrote:

I was doing a photo shoot of a bathroom and there was not much room for me and the camera on its tripod. I was using the Nikon 19mm PC-E lens and Live View and so Focus Peaking was active with this manual focus only lens. When I switched to the 14-24mm f/2.8 lens the Focus Peaking was off and it took a minute for me to realize that I could switch the D850 to manual focus mode and still use Focus Peaking with this lens.

What became very apparent with Focus Peaking was that it showed closer objects in focus with them outlined in red and it also showed the furthest objects in the frame that were also outlined and so in focus. Very easy way to confirm Depth of Field while shooting and not discover later that there was a problem in post.

Not since I got the D3 in 2007 has a camera made such a difference in what I can do and in my productivity as a photographer.

Curiously this has been possible with the D750 and 'lower' bodies for ages through the 'Effects' mode set to 'Color Sketch'. It's a bit more clumsy as you have to set the mode dial from 'M' to 'Effects' and the focus switch on the lens to 'M'. But after you've done that and in live view you see a black outline around objects in focus that races back and forth if you turn the focus ring, When focus is as desired set the mode dial back to 'M' and take the shot. Very useful.

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