Lightroom Displaced by DxO PhotoLab (YMMV)

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Lightroom Displaced by DxO PhotoLab (YMMV)

Just to establish my qualifications (or lack thereof):

Everyone who's read my other posts knows that I am not, and will never be, a master photographer. I simply take photographs to document places we've been, things we've done, and people we know. And, I don’t take all that many photos either; probably 3000-4000 a year.

However, I do shoot in RAW, in hopes of getting the most from the photographs I do take. For about six years I used Lightroom’s RAW processor to develop my pics. I never used its other capabilities because I didn’t really need them, given my modest requirements.

Three years ago, after reading a few posts from the esteemed Guy Parsons, I decided to give DxO Optics Pro a try. I found the product intuitively easy to use, and was very pleased with the results I got from it (especially its awesome "Prime" de-noising). Over time, Optics Pro (now PhotoLab) has become my RAW processor of choice. I eventually quit using Lightroom altogether, although I did retain my standalone copy of it on my PC, and dutifully continued to import all my photos into it, in the off chance I might want to start using LR again.

Last week I did a bit of research, and discovered I have not processed any files in Lightroom in over two years! Accordingly, last night I bit the bullet, and deleted Lightroom from my computer altogether. Doing so freed up 9GB from my hard disk, and will from now on make importing photos easier and quicker (just copy them into appropriately named new folders within "Pictures", as opposed to opening the LR app, importing the pics, wait while it builds previews, be sure and back up the catalog/database when done, etc.)

The fact that I do not need the expanded capabilities of the Lightroom CC products, and thus cannot justify paying a monthly subscription fee for them, factored into this decision as well. At some point I will end up with camera(s) that won’t be supported by the standalone copy of LR I have now, and it will become of no use at all to me. So, I figured why not just “cut the cord now” and be done with it?

Obviously, this approach won’t work for everyone, but I did want to share my experiences in case there are others out there in situations such as mine. I hope this post is of use to someone.

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