Android devices covertly sending location data to Google

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Re: Is Google any different from Apple

mithras123 wrote:

Apple collects the finger print and I don't that is it good either.

Finger prints are old hat.  Everyone wants your face these days.   A face is much more useful to a corporation.
Facebook has the largest database of faces on the planet with 13 million photos uploaded eery day.     There is already facial recognition tech available to retail that estimate genfer and age of a shopper.    With that, software can tell how long a demographic spends in a isle, maybe deliberating over a particular product and then tailor the advertising or shopping experience to close more sales.
As technology progresses, that same facial recognition may become more precise and be able to associate the face not just with age group and gender but also to a social media profile where big data associations can be made based on your public interests and locations and the interests of any friends or associates linked to your account.
Correlations can be drawn from the data points to increase sales.   Can any other uses be made - of course.    If you happen to have a few friends who have protests / been arrested that may at some point raise a flag against you just by association.   A few flags raised may mean closer watching.
A lot of that depends on central agents of control.  Some might argue the FANGs or BATs are indeed that with huge amounts of population data at their disposal.  
That big data can also be put to good use.   There are as many good use cases as bad use cases.

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