Ricoh GR II Discontinued

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Re: Civility, please

LaMeule wrote:

I gave you the reason I prefer the GRII to Leica Q or fuji X100T/F.

here is a summary:

I live in Thailand 8 months a year and a Leica would be too dangerous to carry around some places here (Although it is an overpriced very good camera).

For street candid photography, the GRII is perfect for me as fit in my pocket and as I do "zone focusing" (Snap mode") most of the time. (I prefer the 28mm to 35mm for my style as I get more DOF, and sometimes I even use the smaller sensor GRIV).

I never denied fujifilm or Leica beeing great cameras, but for my style they are not the best tools. (Can be good for other people styles).

I am not pushing people to buy/like the GR as it is a matter of each one's personnel choice.

My tools are:

Ricoh GRII, GR, GRiV for street photos, Olympus E-M5, E-M10 markII, for everyday photos, a monochrome modified Canon 6D for landscape, portraits, long exposure photos.

How are you liking that? Do they simply remove the Bayer array? I'd looked up some places to have that done & nothing seemed appealing -  and the DIY stuff looked very scary.

If I wanted a monochrome modified camera, where would you suggest I go? I looked for some places but found nothing attractive.

What about the IR/UV filter - do man made dyed black items go bright?

Have you looked at Sigma cameras at all? They eliminate the need for the Bayer array altogether, so are great for black & white. They're quirky and annoying, but the results are stunning. Though if I had to choose, I'd get a black and white modified over a Sigma, as it's much the same result (just the Sigma can also do color & they suffer in other areas).

I am planning to buy a monochrome modified Fujifilm X-T2 (monochrome modified as I am colorblind and cannot work with colors properly in post).

As for Ricoh GR future, as there is nothing I can do about it myself, I just wait and hope for the best.

If the worse happens, I will probably buy another GRII to keep as a backup, or use again my GXR with 28mm lensor or the A12 module with the 15mm (22.5mm equ.) super heliar voigtlander that I have not used for quite a while.

Now you do/think what you want as we still are in a free world with lot of options when it comes to cameras. There is no "one size fits all".

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