Kodak DCS ProBack 645M - Phase One DF/DF+ support

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Firmware 3.4.4M - fix for "Image Capture Error"

Firmware 3.4.4.M for Proback 645 Mamiya

This firmware adds the following features to the 3.4.3.M firmware: it fixes "Image Capture Error" that can appear with fast camera communicatons. This was easily caused in fast cameras like Phase One DF/DF+ and could appear occasionally in older Mamiya 645 AFD cameras. On Phase One DF/DF+ the problem could have easily appeared in Digital Combined and Digital Short Latency shutter modes when enabling continuous shooting mode. This firmware addresses this issue and makes those modes fully opertional.

The error was caused by a bug in original Kodak firmware handling image capturing state where image readout stage was not considered busy time for a camera and could lead to a shot attempted whilst capturing. Users of earlier cameras such as Mamiya 645 AFD will also benefit from this since although this problem was rare there it should now be fully eliminated.

My main firmware update thread was also moved away from russian forum to GitHub and is now here .

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