Lens advice - Oly 25mm f1.9 or Pan 20mm f1.7

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Re: Lens advice - Oly 25mm f1.9 or Pan 20mm f1.7

traveler_101 wrote:

I've looked through the responses this far and not surprisingly opinions vary considerably. Comparison is made much harder because of the different focal lengths. For me 25 is better for composition; narrow means you must exercise more control over the frame. On the other hand if I need wide, I reach for the 17mm which gives a moderate wide angle. The 20 is neither here nor there.

In terms of the quality of the lenses they render differently. Both are very, very good. I am not sure if the 20 is actually sharper; it might be, but it is certainly much cooler, while the 25 is bolder. Better colours with the 25, I think - but of course we are wading here into subjective preferences.

Finally and I think the decisive factor for why I sold my 20 in favour of the 25 we come to focusing - speed and stealth. You get both with the 25/1.8 and neither with the Panasonic 20. It is clunky, noisy and quite a bit slower than a contemporary m43 lens. After all, the 20 was one of the earliest lenses for the system.

I think that's a good summary of the factors I need to weigh, the possible limits of the 25 focal length vs the limits of 20's clunk and speed. I've seen some threads and/or flickr groups (can't remember which) that had so many outstanding pictures using the 25mm.

Of course, another option is to save some money and just get a Canon EOS 100 w the kit lens. There are so many choices and it's really tough to weigh the options with such little experience using different systems.

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