Lens advice - Oly 25mm f1.9 or Pan 20mm f1.7

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Re: Lens advice - Oly 25mm f1.9 or Pan 20mm f1.7

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I was convinced here to upgrade my body (likely to OM-D E-M10 II) and get a new lens to improve low light performance. Originally I wanted to keep my camera as small as possible, so I was planning on a pancake. But now I'm not so sure. I might take my camera more places if it had a pancake, but maybe not enough to sacrifice a bit of quality (plus, the body isn't getting any smaller).

What I'm looking for are sharp pictures, nice colours, nice bokeh. By low light, I mean people hanging out indoors at night or outside at dusk.

The Panasonic gets generally good reviews, my only concern is that people often say it's great for a pancake.

What I'm wondering is if the Olympus 25mm f1.8 would produce better pictures in general but especially in low light. They're roughly the same price on amazon.

This lens will be the last one I buy for a while and will likely stay on the camera most of the time. I really just take pictures of friends and family.

The 20mm is a much better lens than the Oly 25mm! The only concern would be focus speed on the EM10. With Panasonic bodies, focus speed isn't an issue.

Take a look at the Oly 17mm f1.8 instead. (or the 15mm f1.7, which beats all the lenses under discussion in every respect) Okay, it's not a pancake, but it's better than the 25mm and gives you a wider field of view, which is good for interiors and people hanging out. 25mm is a bit tight for that.

Thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately, those lenses aren't in the budget right now, unless I stick with my current body.

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