Sandbagging 101; Second Semester.

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Re: Sandbagging 101; Second Semester.

Twitchly wrote:

Twitchly wrote:

So ... what’s sandbagging in this context?

I’m new to challenges. Just entered my second one yesterday. Can’t imagine how one would cheat at this, never mind why they’d want to.

After looking at some recently completed challenges, I think I can answer my own question. Sandbagging = giving everybody else’s shots low scores so yours has a better chance of winning, right?

I noticed that quite a few excellent shots got some surprisingly low votes — half a star, etc. — even though they obviously fit the challenge and were of high caliber. Took me a couple minutes to figure out why that might happen. Gack. Talk about taking the fun out of something.

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"Gack!" right back at you.

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Evince your great entry and placing in "empty spaces in landscape." Twenty-fifth in a field of seventy is a wall-hanger. The most notable part of your curve is the far right side. Those are serious marks.

According to the "voting tips," a "0.5" means that kind host "Pixel Kiss," didn't veet your entry. It was not an empty space, not a landscape, and sointenly not minimalist.  And, shouldn't have made the cut.

The disparity begs the question.

This exercise (and, other threads) is meant to compel an investigation. That requires administrative help.

Glad you tuned in:

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