Lens advice - Oly 25mm f1.9 or Pan 20mm f1.7

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Re: I find 25mm (50mm) in 4:3 ratio TOO TIGHT & Uncomfortable indoor

007peter wrote:

I wouldn't worry about sharpness with either lens. AFAIK, panny 20mm is rated by DxO as one of the sharpest M43 prime, and Olympus 25mm is no slough either.

My problem is that 25mm (in 4:3 ratio) feel very restricting to me. In indoor sitting, I found myself often with my Back-Against-the-Wall, trying to squeeze in more people into the shot. Yet for outdoor, I find 25mm too short and prefer my Olympus 45/1.8 for outdoors. Thus, 25mm (4:3) became a real No-Man's Land for my type of shoot.

YMMV, but I would pickup the 20mm (40mm) over 25mm in a heart-beat. That extra 5mm wider makes a big difference in everyday usability.

I’m much the same way; 20mm is a far more natural focal length for me than 25mm. The 20/1.7 is the default lens that lives on my Pen-F; I’ve owned both the Oly 25/1.8 and the Pany 25/1.7, and neither one spent much time on the camera.

For me, it’s indoor museum shots instead of group shots, but it’s the same basic issue.

The other thing I love about the 20/1.7 is the contrast/color rendition. In twilight shots, for example, with the 20 and Oly 25 shot side-by-side, the 20 was able to clearly resolve the edges of a spotlight beam, while the 25 just saw an undifferentiated sky

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