Lens advice - Oly 25mm f1.9 or Pan 20mm f1.7

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Re: Lens advice - Oly 25mm f1.9 or Pan 20mm f1.7

khcan wrote:

The Panasonic gets generally good reviews, my only concern is that people often say it's great for a pancake.

I've never heard of that remark in relation to that lens.  I have the 20/1.7 as well as the 25/1.4 and 15/1.7.  IMO the 20 doesn't lose anything to those other lenses in terms of image quality.  However, compared to them, it is definitely the slowest and noisiest for autofocus.  It still acquits itself just fine for street photography, so the AF isn't THAT slow.  But you'll definitely notice the difference.

I've kept mine because I value its compact size and the FoV is more preferable to me, most times, than the 25.

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