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fishy wishy wrote:

Fishchris wrote:

So I was on a new FB group with tons of amazing photography, and I come across one photo that is just really heavy ! I mean, it's a super well done shot.... Really stirring..... But it looks like the apocalypse.... Or the end of time, which I actually said....but then I just couldn't hit the post button ?

Especially after reading a bunch of other replies that said stuff like, beautiful shot, or how pretty....

NO it wasn't pretty ! It was a fantastic shot, yes, absolutely, but the end of times is not "pretty" !

How do you tell someone you love their shot, which is quite scary and ugly ? In good etiquette ?

You seem to have the wrong idea of the internet, or at least facebook. It's not there for you to give people a mark and school report on everything you see, like a headmaster. Would you sit by a swimming pool and call out to beginners "I do not believe you wanted to do that..."? I don't think you would. I think you would naturally edit yourself. So why do you want to tell people their business on the internet?

I see a ton of lame stuff on photo groups, like white balance being way off, exposure being pushed way down to exe some drama out of a photo that isn't there and saturation being pumped to please the naive. Take note of what other people like if you want to become popular. They generally aren't interested in my austere and subtle palettes. Just give them big expanses of primary colors if that's what they want.

Okay, sure, but I see a TON of fantastic stuff on FB pages and 500px too ! A lot more than I see on a tech and hardware forum such as this one.

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