Confessions of a Fuji Deserter

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Confessions of a Fuji Deserter

I had a decent run of shooting Fuji and acquiring Fuji Glass (XE2, XT1, X-100T, X-Pro2, XT2).

I sold the last of it yesterday, and went all-in on my Nikon D500.

Of course the decision is personal, so it isn't right or wrong, except for me.

This post doesn't charge everyone using Fuji of being wrong, nor would I like to be charged of being wrong for starting to date the D500 (and marrying the Nikon family glass) and dumping my ex-Fuji-wife.

And so some opinions follow: ("Everything we hear is opinion not fact, everything we see is perspective not truth" - Marcus Aurelius)

Fuji glass shows what is possible when a manufacturer embraces APS-C format, and doesn't treat them like second-rate customer. Fuji glass is amazing. It pays to come to market after others, correcting their mistakes and improving upon their successes. I will miss Fuji glass.

No one ever got fired for recommending Nikon or Canon lens families. Now my choices have choices. (<cough that sounds like Sigma Art zooms>)

I thought I loved EVFs. I think I still do. I always say: "start with the end in mind". I mean, on mirrorless you don't have to "chimp" because the EVF is the preview. I think I learned a lot about exposure compensation that would have taken a lot longer to figure out looking through an OVF.

Hybrid-rangefinder viewfinders were charming. I still have the hankering for owning a Leica some day, and my XP2 with a voigtlander attached was as close as I've gotten, perhaps in someways better. But I am a WYSIWYG guy, and rangefinder with lines that I now only get a fraction of usable magnification - didn't really work for me.

That said, there is something uncannillly amazing about the mirrored pentaprism view of SLR/DSLRs. Yes I had a Pentax Spotmatic when I was a kid, and yes holding up an iPhone to stare at a back-LCD has never worked for me. So I bring bias to the equation, but as much as I was loving EVFs, I am surprised how much even more I am loving WYSYWIG, mirrored reality in the viewfinder.

What I love about my Nikon is the reliability of autofocus. I am not a meditative slow photographer setting up and taking a shot methodically. I am the guy in full stride walking through currents of people, raising the camera and shooting in midstride without much warning or premeditation. It effectively makes my brand of street photography closer to sports or wildlife.

I chimp less with my D500 because I am figuring out: I don't need to bother. It just works. I had XT2 with the grip in performance mode, and I still think a D500 can walk backward at the same speed, turn around and disappear in a puff of smoke. Wow.

Its only been a few months now, but I can feel my photography taking a turn to forgetting more and more about the camera, and concentrating more and more on the field of view and the trigger decisions.

Of course I feel some remorse for not having Fuji gear any longer. In a perfect world (with equally perfect budgets) I would have kept both systems and find niche work for them, working slower and more methodically with Fuji, enjoying compactness, etc.

Experiences coming or going to Fuji or to Nikon/Canon DSLRs are appreciated. And yes, if you have to be insulted by this post, go ahead and dump a long elegy to my ex-wife Fuji and how much more I could have appreciated her. I was torn making the call, but I have gone to the Dark Side now. May the gods of photography have mercy on my soul.

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