My Transition to Panasonic is (almost) Done!

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My Transition to Panasonic is (almost) Done!

A little over 3 years ago, a friend loaned me his EM1 (Mark I) for a month. I was shooting Canon back in the days, and I was blown away by the EM1. It was a great little camera. And the whole combination of body and lenses was so small I just couldn't resist. The day after I returned the camera to him, I put all my Canon gear up for sale, and started buying m43.

I immediately became an "Olympus Guy". I bought the EM1.1 with the 12-40. I then needed an UWA lens and got the Olympus 9-18. It was so tiny I loved it (though over time I was a little disappointed with its performance compared with my previous Canon 10-22). I bought a portrait lens - the Olympus 45/1.8 (great little lens). And finally I wanted a telephoto zoom. Here I got a Panasonic. The 35-100/2.8. I just couldn't resist its size/performance combo. The 40-150/2.8 is clearly a great lens, but weighing MORE than my 70-200/4 on Canon it seemed to completely miss the point of me switching over.

So I became an "Olympus Guy". Well... almost... my next two lenses were a standard prime and a wide(ish) prime. I was looking at the 25/1.8 and 17/1.8, but ended up not buying either. The PL25/1.4 caught my eye for its faster aperture and beautiful rendering. And the 15/1.7 was just love at first site. It is still my all time favorite m43 lens! So I was still an Olympus guy... but had a couple of Panasonic lenses, cause... well.. that's the whole beauty of m43.

A couple months later I realised I want an even SMALLER camera. Not to replace my EM1 (for serious shooting I like the grip and the functionality), but a supplement camera in the system that will work for me when I'm just out and about. I'm an Olympus guy... so I bought the EPL7 with the 14-42 pancake. The 14-42 was a hideous lens. I sold it shortly after and bought the Panasonic 12-32. Yet another Pana to my collection. With the EPL7 - I have a long love/hate relationship. I loved its looked and how small it was. But hated its ergonomics. I could live with not having an EVF, but the lack of a 2nd control dial and the tightly clustered buttons just made me hate it. I realized at some point I prefer shooting my Canon G7X (which I mostly use for underwater shooting) then the EPL7.

Shortly after, before going on my first trip to Africa, I added the Olympus 75-300 lens to my collection. This was before the 100-400 was available, and it was generally as good as you could get at the time. I went to Africa with my EM1+EPL7, 9-18, 12-40, 35-100 and 75-300. I also took the 15/1.7. It was a great trip, though the 75-300 was a little disappointing. And my EPL7's shutter died a week after I came back (with less than 10K clicks on the camera).

By 2016 - I had a pretty robust system. I had two bodies, 5 zoom lenses, and 3 primes. But I was not entirely happy. Not with my UWA, not with my Long Telephoto, and not with my small body. So before my 2nd Africa trip in 2016, I sold my 75-300 and bought the 100-400. What a huge upgrade. Olympus released about that time the 300/4 PRO, but I felt it was too "prime" for an African safari, too heavy and too expensive. I immediately fell in love with the 100-400. I suddenly realised Panasonic is winning over... I had at that time only 2 Olympus zooms, and one prime, vs 3 and 2 with Panasonic. But oh well - I was still an Olympus guy. It's the camera body that matters.

Later that year, I bought the 7-14/2.8. What a lens! well... Optically. I had a love/hate relationship with that lens from the minute I held it in my hand. It was just too heavy. Now, don't get me wrong. It's a TERRIFIC lens. Some of my finest work was done with this lens as I had some seriously good landscape opportunities while I owned it. But it was always too bulky for me, and the front element.... don't even get me started on that. So when the 8-18 came out, I sold my 7-14 and got the 8-18.... But hey, I'm still the Olympuys Guy, no?

In Apr 2017 I bought the EM1.2. LOVE this camera (really, not kidding). I thought it was overpriced, but ended up biting and getting it. I completely love this camera, but hate the fact one of the "killer apps" of this camera (Pro Capture) would not work with my wildlife lens. Also couldn't understand how a 2017 camera with USBC will not allow USB Charging. But it's a great camera. In fact, it is so great it got me reevaluating my gear. and I realised the EPL7 just HAS to go. I couldn't stand its ergonomics anymore. I was trying to find another Olympus to buy. EM10? Sure.. not a bad option but with the EVF hump its not so comfortable in a coat pocket. PEN-F? AMAZING. But 1200$ for a secondary body? I think not. I ended up with GX85. Well - I'm still the Olympus Guy.... but my backup body is now panasonic. and well - most of the lenses. At this point, mind you, I'm down to using only one Olympus lens on a regular basis... the 12-40. I still used the 45/1.8 for portraits sometimes, but I also use the 25/1.4 for them a lot when I like a more "personal" perspective.

I have to say something - I LOVE the GX85. All these years I was an Olympus Guy, I always insisted Olympus is just so much better from Panasonic. And in one important aspect it was - IBIS. But honestly? Panasonic makes great cameras. It's just a great little camera that packs so much in such a small body. Ever since replacing my EPL7 with GX85 I find that the ratio of Big/Small camera use turned from 80/20 to 50/50 or so. I also bought the Panasonic 35-100/4-5.6 for it. such a great little lens. At Black Friday I also bought the Olympus 60 Macro.

And so, by the end of 2017, I had a really robust m43 system. 7 zooms. 4 primes. My "Main" Setup including EM1.2+8-18,12-40,35-100,100-400. My smaller setup including GX85+9-18,12-32,35-100, and primes as needed. So was I still the Olympus guy? Sure... my "main" combo was EM1.2+12-40. But in fact, out of 7 zoom lenses, only two were Olympus... And then Panasonic came out with G9.

The G9 caught me by surprise. Because until that point, The Flagship stills was always Olympus. So I'm an Olympus guy. Sure, I prefer most of the Panasonic lenses, and Olympus makes my life a little annoying by having those weird little annoyances they refuse to fix (no pro capture, no aperture ring on my 15/1.7, shutter rattle on 25/1.4), but you know... I ain't going to buy a GH5. But the G9 caught me by surprise. It's a BETTER camera than the EM1.2 (for MY needs at least, lets not get into a flame war here). It's a tad heavier, which I find as a disadvantage, but it is sort of compensated by the 12-60 vs 12-40. But in most other aspects its better. It will do Pre Capture with my 100-400. It will do Dual IS with most of my lenses. It will do a really working and not annoying geotagging. And it will allow me to charge it from a powerbank while travelling.

So I am now at the final days of my "Olympus Guy" phase. I just got a 12-60 and I seem to like it and will sell my 12-40 shortly. I will then sell my EM1.2 and get a G9. And finally (unrelated but kinda trigerred by this) I decided to replace my 9-18 for a Laowa as my small UWA lens.

And so I will soon be the "Panasonic Guy". With 7 Panasonic zooms (hopefully 6 soon, if I could replace my 35-100/2.8 and 100-400 with the 50-200/2.8-4 and a TC), 2 Panasonic primes, and only 2 Olympus primes left... the 45 and the 60 Macro. I am not entirely sure how this all transpired... but... There's just something about the path of Panasonic lenses that appeals a lot more to me than the Olympus PRO oversized lenses.

So.... the King is dead. Long live the King!

I'm becoming a Panasonic Guy!

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