The sharpest lens in the known universe...

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Re: The sharpest lens in the known universe...

aSevenArr wrote:

and the sensor with the highest number of megapixels imaginable. Millions even if you prefer.

Q: will my (or your) photography be any better than it is now? If so then why?

Your comments and/or your insults are most welcome...

Good question my short answer : It could easily depend on what Sensor  you use in your present Camera . For example , if you are using a 10 mega pixel camera and you see some jagged edges around some sharply focused objects in the images then suppose you are annoyed or irritated by the appearance of these saw tooth edged creatures , you may want to graduate to a 42 mega pixel sensor camera.

Or it could be the appearance of those less than sharp edges around those flower petals which are composed of jagged pixels when you look closer . when this happens you can fix this in one of three approaches :

You can defocus the lens just before you press the shutter , or you can go out and buy a jar of petroleum jelly and spread it around the lens filter , ( not the Lens ) , just in case you do not care for the blur effect. Have someone stand behind you and tell them to bump your shoulder just as you are pushing the shutter button . This saves on a trip to the drug store and you don't have  clean the greasy filter either .

I almost forgot this , use very high ISO and shoot only after midnight with no lights to be seen . Sometimes this will blur out any jagged edges .

If you can do one of these three things , It won't bother you when you view your best photos .

To be 100 % honest with you I have many very nice and reasonably sharp Photos , taken with my Sony a900 and the Sony Zeiss 135mm prime lens

The A900 is many years old now and it is a 24 megapixel sensor full frame camera which is the only way I would ever use it . I am also very impressed with the Sigma APO 180mm stabilized lens, which I also own .

The thing about Pixels is that it takes at least double the Pixel count in the sensor to make a noticeable difference in the Image Quality .

If I had the Money I would own the Sony A7r3, But Not all of the lenses I like are available for that camera .

I apologize in advance if my answers are direct and to the point . It was never my intention. So please accept all apologies .

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