A6500 screen brightness in video mode

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Re: A6500 screen brightness in video mode

HappyBlack wrote:

There is a workaround and I use it on a daily basis:

My 4K video recording profile is saved in a Memory bank as #1.

When I turn my dial to #1, I'm greeted by ready-to-record settings (such as manual WB, S-Log 2, 1/50 shutter speed, 800 ISO, etc.) with the screen brightness set to any brightness level I want, even Sunny Weather.

The only drawback is : when you hit record buttton, it takes about 2 seconds to start recording and then the screen dims.

When recording stops, the screen brightens up, too.

However, this little hack allows me to properly compose the image and set the focus without any struggle, since it also gives me more detailed Focus Magnifier.

How to do this?

Turn your dial to M (manual mode), set everything as needed (shutter speed, picture profile, white balance, audio level, etc.), change the Image Format to 16:9 (don't forget about this!) in Menu and then save all these settings using Memory Recall.

You also have to check, if your Record button works in Manual mode, since it's possible to disable it in non-video modes.

That is the best tip for dealing with the dimming issue, that I have read until now.

A matte screen protector will also help, as it will remove the glossiness.

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