CL and MF, with non-Leica lenses.

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Re: CL and MF, with non-Leica lenses.

l_objectif wrote:
[...] The Leica adapter is for aleica R and M lenses. If you wish to use third party lenses, then, I suppose, you need a third party adapter such as Novoflex for instance (like me).
The only difference that I could notice is you don’t have the complete exif because of the lack of electrical connection. Then, to use the magnifier, as I explained before, I couldn’t get the top right wheel working. But fortunately, instead I could get the magnification with the up/down arrow on the right of the LCad.

I was not clear enough sorry.
• There is a Leica adapter for M lenses and another one for R lenses.
• As far as the Leica adapter for M lenses is concerned, third party M lenses work perfectly with it. You may either hand code the third party lens or choose an equivalent Leica lens in the CL menu.
• As far as i know, the Leica adapter is obligatory if you want to trigger magnification with the right wheel, but i have no experience with Novoflex or other third party adapters.
• Example: I have now a CV 21/4 and a Leica adapter on my CL. The lens is hand coded as an Elmarit 21/2.8 pre-asph. It is recognized as such by the camera and i can easily use the right wheel to trigger magnification.
Hope this helps :).

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