Can Yongnuo YN622N-TX and YN-560 IV work together

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Re: Can Yongnuo YN622N-TX and YN-560 IV work together

mtsat wrote:

I have a YN622N-TX on a D750 and several YN-560 IVs. By trial and error I have managed to get the flash working (firing) by using a YN622N II transceiver on the 560. This combination though is incapable, as least as far as I can tell so far, of adjusting power, etc.

Correct. The YN-560IV can only be power-controlled through its built-in 560/60x radio transceiver (i.e., by a YN-560-TX).

The joys of Yongnuo's incompatible 622 and 560/60x systems. It's enough to make you switch to Godox. (which is what I did).

It triggers but the only way to adjust the 560 is directly on the 560. This is an obvious problem. Is there a way to use these together and remote adjustments from the controller to the flash via the transmitter?

Yes, but not the way you think, and it's really stupid.

Basically, you need a YN-560-TX (which, of course, you could use without the YN-622N-TX directly to control the YN-560IVs). [facepalm]. If you are mixing the TTL-capable gear on YN-622s and the YN-560IVs, you can a) get a YN-560-TX to tell a YN-622-TX to do what it's doing (but of course you lose HSS/TTL on your TTL flashes). And you can tell the newer YN-622 II triggers (Canon, at least. I don't know if they also updated the Nikon versions) to act like RF-603 triggers (and, of course, you lose HSS/TTL on your TTL flashes).

Like I said. Really stupid.

BTW - The same combination works perfectly with my Nikon speed lights.

Any help appreciated.

In general, you don't want to try mixing Yongnuo's three incompatible triggering systems unless you want to stack triggers. Putting a YN-560-TX on top of a YN-622N on the hotshoe may be the only way to really mix the two systems and still keep TTL capability with any flashes mounted on the YN-622Ns as receivers.

Instead of YN-560IVs, you probably should get YN-685EX or YN-968EX, which have a built-in YN-622 receiver, and will be compatible with the YN-622-TX, if you want to stay with the 622s.

There are reasons we recommend Godox for the newbs these days. While some of the nice features like wake-up and zoom control that Yongnuo offers aren't there, you can mix $65 manual-only flashes together with TTL flashes and use the same trigger for both.

If you can still return the Yongnuo YN-560IVs, I'd say, dump them, and the YN-622 triggers, and replace with Godox TT600s (also a $65 manual-only flash with built-in radio trigger that can have its power remotely controlled ...and gives HSS over radio), and put X1R-N receivers on your Nikon speedlights, and use anXPro-N transmitter on the camera hotshoe. Painful transition, but you then have access to all the bigger lights in the Godox system, as well the ability to use Godox lights over radio with mirrorless cameras the same way (HSS/TTL) by simply getting a new transmitter, and not rebuying all your triggers/flashes.

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