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Re: Why is sharpness THE barometer for great photography?

SpiltMilk wrote:

thenoilif wrote:

Rhetorical question.

'Because you're on DPReview' is the actual answer.

Unless you're taking images the require the utmost of clarity and definition, and surprising the vast majority do not, than the sharpest lens and the highest MP camera isn't going to matter.

Sharpness is both good and bad.

A photo of a bee with the wings/eyes sharp, every pollen grain standing out = great.

But there have been plenty of photos posted here that are... umm.. "lacking" in sharpness or colour perfection that are just fantastic too.

I've come to realize that the majority of the postings that go on within sites such as this are not much at all to do with photography. It's mostly about mechanical precision and one-up-manship.

Here, photos are mostly just the confirmation of the mechanical perfection of one's modern camera machine.

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