New to Android, best camera app?

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Re: New to Android, best camera app?

Akgbkd wrote:

Scriv wrote:

New Android user here (S8+), just curious what you guys think is a great camera app.


I dont think u can get better camera app than the default samsung app...its amazing and offers full manual control with raw support.

The default app is horendous! The camera itself is great, but how the app processes the photos is terrible. And when you swipe left on the screen to bring up auto, deep, cream...what the heck do those even mean? My Galaxy S3 has sunset, portrait, sports, party, beach/snow, dawn,autumn color...all under scene mode. And all included. Why they don't have them installed on the S8+ is....uhh kind of ridiculous. You have to download additional modes, but there are only a few available right now, and who knows if more are on the way.

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