All Read - Poor Battery Charger Design?

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Re: Get a life

"The basic rules for discussion on DPReview are simple: be polite and civil; do not be offensive, malicious or antagonistic."

The OP posted a simple concern. I came across this thread because I had the same concern. I have several cameras, both Olympus and Panasonic, and the chargers have different signals for indicating charging and complete. I couldn't find the manual for the one I wasn't sure about online. The helpful people in this thread answered my question for me. And I also think that it wouldn't be that big a deal for there to be some standardization on this, especially within one brand. The simplest thing would be to print it on back of the charger with the other info.

The rest of you took the time to attack the OP for his question, some in a very demeaning and hostile way. One even called him a troll - quite ironic given that many of the responses were very troll-like. It's people like you that have given DPReview such a bad reputation on other forums for being a den of hostile, argumentative jerks. My guess is that most of you are angry, miserable teenagers (or very immature adults). As for "suck it up" and "get a life" - maybe you should take your own nasty advice.

I probably won't be around to see the attacks that I know will come at me for this post - I only frequent DPReview for the reviews - but have at it, children.

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