The sharpest lens in the known universe...

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Burnt to a Crisp wrote:

SimonB93 wrote:

No it won't, image quality and quality image are two different things. You can have the best gear in the world, but if you don't now how to take a compelling image you'll just end up with crappy images that are a bit sharper then before. Photography is an art which can only be improved by practice and dedication.


Twitter already uses AI to crop photos. That counterexample alone all but puts to bed the assertion that photography can only be improved with practice and dedication--one about as misguided as a declaration that driving performance can ONLY be improved with practice and the car plays no role whatsoever.

Well, then go ahead and "drive" a horse and buggy. Practice makes perfect, right?

So what's the definition of photography to you? For me it is the art and skill of composing/ exposing and processing a compelling image. The level of skill is determined by natural talent and practise. Buying a sharper lens or a higher megapixel sensor lens won't improve your skill.
Your car example is flawed in a way that: yes in a faster car you'll be quicker (performance) but if you don't know how to turn the wheel, you'll crash both cars at the first corner (skill).
Look I'm not saying buying a better camera is bad, but it simple won't make you a better photographer. It will improve the technical quality of your images, but that's not the same as making you a better photographer.

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