The sharpest lens in the known universe...

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Re: The sharpest lens in the known universe...

aSevenArr wrote:

and the sensor with the highest number of megapixels imaginable. Millions even if you prefer.

Q: will my (or your) photography be any better than it is now? If so then why?

Your comments and/or your insults are most welcome...

Even as a realistic concept - going from a 20mp FZ1000 to a 200mp Hassyblad would not make the picture taking any better.

That's not to say it would not be useful - a huge resolution would allow for far greater scope for cropping separate images out of the initial one.

A hyper sharp lens and a 10 000 megapixel sensor would mean gigabyte images that you could zoom into and crop out 50MP "sub pictures" to your hearts content.

But then you'd take one photo and spend all your time cropping out interesting parts of it that make stand-alone photos in their own right.

The latest crop of "gigapixel" pictures of China and wherever are an example - who has looked at them and not spent ages zooming into the section and that section?

In a way, I think your concept would be a detriment to photography.

As it is now, we have to think about what we're taking... in that system we'd take a photo then think about what to take out of it.
Reversal of concepts.

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