Very underrated camera

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Re: Very underrated camera

Chas J wrote:

arbux wrote:

JohnnyLuddite wrote:

That being so, I'd rarely think of dslr as a good tool for video unless a narrow depth of field was needed. Normally, that's a royal pain because focus is hard to achieve at the best of times, so a smaller sensor and more video-aware camera is to the point.

There is no advantage of any kind in smaller sensor for video. But then, mucb smaller aps-c from nickon suck jn video to the same extent

Of course, if you have full control over your set and the ability to re-do, then maybe.

'arbux', you, clearly, have no idea. You might try accepting that you don't know it all !. I, and I am sure that many others, can name at least one, distinct, advantage to a smaller sensor for video.

But obviously not you.

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