Compact and Top Quality: Sony RX1Rii, Leica Q, or A7Rii & prime

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Compact and Top Quality: Sony RX1Rii, Leica Q, or A7Rii & prime

(I posted this in the Camera and Systems recommendation forum, and it was suggested I try this one instead.)

I'm finally pulling the trigger and selling off my big heavy SLR gear.

I generally prefer wider FOV than most, but also would like to take nice portraits with good separation & smooth bokeh. I want the camera to be FF. I'm going for a minimalist system with top quality. I live in a place where renting isn't an option. I'm ok with fixed lens.

So, for:

1) Family photos of a toddler, portraits

2) Business travel (I travel very light)

3) Street photography

4) Static UWA Landscapes, (stitched is ok)

Would you recommend the Sony RX1Rii, Leica Q, or Sony A7Rii with a small prime (like the FE 35mm 2.8 or 28mm 2.0)?

My concern with the Sony RX1Rii is that the only way I can get wider than 35mm is to stitch (even to 28mm ), and the menus and general handing haven't left me with a good impression (but maybe you get used to it?). The only times I really want to go UWA, it's usually static landscapes, so stitching would work in most cases I'd think.

My concern with the Leica Q is that it's larger/heavier, and the Maestro II sensor doesn't provide near the flexibility with DR or cropping/zooming. Although I love the 28mm FOV, I haven't seen any samples of portraits from this lens where the background melts away-- likely just indicative of the 28mm FL.

My concern with the A7Rii and a small prime is that there really aren't any great lens options that I can see in the FE 24-35mm range that are compact and light and also meet the quality of the Summicron 28mm 1.7 or Carl Zeiss 35mm 2.0. The FE 35mm 2.8 and FE 28mm 2.0 meet the size and FL requirement, but not quality (from what I've read at least), and if I take a step up in quality (i.e. Zony 35mm 1.4) I've got a setup that I think I'm still going to leave at home a lot (though not sure where the size threshold is, exactly). The flexibility of ICL and added feature set would be nice, as well, but not essential.

Has anyone had experience with these three cameras to make a recommendation? Or at least in downsizing for similar reasons and your results?

Thanks in advance!

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