Very underrated camera

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Re: Very underrated camera

JohnnyLuddite wrote:

My experience is that video acquisition and production (not just ad-hoc video grabs) is a completely different proposition to photography, and it's a different mindset. And quite difficult to get any kind of reasonable result and extremely time-consuming. Add tripod, lights, audio gear.....

That being so, I'd rarely think of dslr as a good tool for video unless a narrow depth of field was needed. Normally, that's a royal pain because focus is hard to achieve at the best of times, so a smaller sensor and more video-aware camera is to the point. Of course, if you have full control over your set and the ability to re-do, then maybe.

I see plenty of video created without going to full scale production with tripod, lights and audio gear.  Why don't you demand those same things for stills, tripod, lights, reflectors?  Most people are just trying to capture some video, not produce a feature film.

It sounds like many people are complaining, because they don't have any experience shooting video, or they just plain suck at it.  

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