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caspianm wrote:

Every post you bully, insult and accuse. Some is wrong?

You're right "some is wrong" I don't suffer BS very well. Excuse me for that. An entry level, budget DSLR is not a 5 by it's definition. I get it - he likes his D610. I get it - it might be a great camera. Shout it out the window.

Mate, calm down, this is a personal review, i'm not a DPreview or imaging resources, why so aggressive?

Don't tell me to calm down. I'm not anything "up"  If you're going to review something, review it.  How the hell do you come up with a 5.0?   If you rate it "good" in one category and "ok" in another than you're less than 5.0 overall.

And that's my point. And not that I really care, except that it's so stupid.

Yes i am happy with the D610 and my rating is relevant to its competitors. I'm not saying that other cameras are worse or that D610 is better than the D850, and yes it's underrated because it has an amazing sensor on par with the current models (actually better than some of canon's top models), and a decent Autofocus system with a low price but people seems to skip it for whatever reason.

Probably because while it might be a decent camera, it's sub-par to so many.

Saying a corolla is a good car does not mean that it is better than a Lamborghini.

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