Brand new Godox TT685 LCD backlight failure

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Brand new Godox TT685 LCD backlight failure


Before I pull the trigger into buying a new Godox TT685o flash for my micro 4/3 kit I've read several reviews and forum posts (including in dpreview).
I've read mostly good things. I know there are some small issues but that have been solved by firmware updates.

I get my TT685 flash on the mail yesterday and for my surprise the fist thing I've noticed was that it has no backlight on the LCD. The settings information is there but there's no backlight.
And latter I realize that there is no backlight on the function buttons neither...

It's not a Menu issue because I've double checked that the LCD light option is turned On.
I've even turned it Off and On several times on the Menu.

I did a few taps on the LCD and it turned On the backlight for a few seconds, then it blincked and got of again... for ever.

I decided to search for information about similar faulty Godox flash experiences and I was shocked about the bunch of videos on Youtube showing several faulty Godox flash speedlights.
I've found one video showing a Godox like mine here the LCD turn the light ON, but there is no information on it.
There's even one case were a brand new unit did not power ON at all !!!

How can it be?
These flash units came with a sticker (and a card inside) with a quality control code.
It is obvious that there is NO quality check on these equipments, or if there is, it's a very bad quality control.

How come a quality person not see that the flash has No light at all, or that it does not power On ?...

It's a shame, because these flashes look well built from outside and have lot's of useful features and are power enough for most situations at an affordable price.
I've purchased my unit on the internet because I did not find any physical store near me with these flashes for micro 4/3.
I advice anyone thinking about getting one of these to try it on a physical store before buy and see if it has no defects.

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