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Sigh, the typical mentality of "I don't shoot video so I don't care video features" that is so prevalent on Nikon forums. Sorry but when it comes to video the d750 is a huge upgrade over the d610. The tilty screen is huge for handheld video, 1080p @ 60p instead only 30p, power aperture so you dont have to kick out liveview to change aperture, smooth iris control, much better video quality (moire and aliasing are almost none existant on the d750 while the d610 waa and moire and aliasing train wreck).

Sigh, the mentality of dedicated video shooters. I don't care about video, you do that's great. But the stuff you list in the comment above doesn't make the D750 "much much better".

I'm not a dedicated video shooter, I'm a hybrid shooter like the increasing number of wedding photographers nowaday who shoot mainly stills with some video to augment our work thus it doesn't make sense for us to get a seperated dedicated video camera system like Panasonic as we don't need those advanced features, it'd be great if our camera also does great video.

You see this mentality of still photography for Nikon because all the hybrid shooters have already moved brands long ago.

I would never recommend Nikon to anyone who told me they needed a hybrid camera that could do video and stills. The AF system for video is horrible on a Nikon - Sony or Canon is where its at if you are a hybrid shooter who doesn't know who a focus puller is.

If you want to be the next George Lucas - rent an Arri

Honestly, now that I've tried the 80D for video, video AF is actually overrated, there's only one scenario that I'd use AF while shooting video and that is running and gunning a single subject on an empty scene, every other scenario I've found AF too unreliable and tend to wander off unexpectedly to different subject if the scene is busy. I'll take useable video format, focus peaking and full gimbal support including follow focus (unfortunately for some reason none of the recent Chinese gimbals, which are actually the good ones, support Nikon controls :/) over autofocus anyday.

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