Very underrated camera

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Re: Very underrated camera


I've had my D610 for about 6 months, I sold my D700[kind of wish I hadn't] but the 610 performs very well for me.

I don't know anything about how to realistically rate it on a sliding scale. But for me I rate it a 5.0 your score, because I doubt I'll ever go to newer body in FX. It does everything I desire in the camera.

I just ordered two new Nikon primes, been using older Nikon AF,and AF D zooms, I'm looking forward to using the new primes, a 35 1.8 G and the 85 1.8 G. Sure more expensive lenses are available, but this cleans  out my budget, and I think I'll make it to my final sunset with just this gear.

Thanks for your score, for me it too is a 5.0, others may agree or disagree? but I've never handled or owned one of those other top Nikon bodies. I did shoot with a friends D750? okay, but all I really liked was the tilting LCD! I wished my 610 also had the tilting LCD.

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