Hot pixel mapping for the C-2100 UZ works!

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Re: Worse results after remapping?

Yes, I did noticed what you saw.

The pix you saw from my dotphoto album is limited because of the size you were able to view.

At 1600x1200, the iso 400, 16s in the "before" pic gave lots of noise with pronounced levels of intensity, size, colors and tend to appear in clumps at spots throughout the picture.

After running the program, you see more noise but they are pretty much all about the same level of intensity and size with less differences in colors and are evenly distributed throughout the entire area of the picture.

Maybe what it is after the remapping is what it is supposed to be like. And again maybe it did actually gotton worse. I'm not sure (Any one have an idea here?).

In any case, I am pleased that at 4 sec and at any ISO, I no longer get the 3 or 4 bright hot pixel that used to appear in the picture at even 1/2 sec. If it is a trade-off then I'd gladly take it because I do 95% of my picture taking at faster than 1 second.

Inigo Montoya wrote:
Unless you got your image labels backwards, I see a lot more
noise/hot pixels in the "after" shots taken at 16 seconds for both
ISO 100 and 400.
The 4 second exposures do seem improved, and I guess it's worth the
trade off at the extra-long end of the exposure range unless you're
into 16 second night/astro shots?

James H. wrote:

I made a serial cable using a Radio Shack 3/32" Stereo Phone Plug
on one end a female DB9 connector. Soldered all pins exactly as
diagramed from the link provided by Corhoin
( )

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