Drone collides with US Army Blackhawk helicopter

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More oversight needed

Pontoneer wrote:

That is pretty much in line with UK CAA regulations , and those , I suspect , of most civilised countries .

There's far more than those regulations when it comes to being safe flying ANY kind of aircraft in U.S. or any other airspace.  The problem are non pilots skim the regs and rashly assume that they can participate in a highly orchestrated airspace system simply by haphazardly flying their drone below 400ft. (shakes head) which isn't even remotely all one needs to do to comply with rules and or comply with common darn sense.

Flying a drone out of your line of site is foolish.  Had the accident drone hit, say, a Robinson R22's tail rotor, or smash into the intake of a 206 Jetranger, killing all occupants, the drone pilot would be culpable.  The fact that too many drone pilots  (the one's with no brain, a blank stare, and a steady stream of drool coming out of the side of their mouths) don't see anything wrong with flying at night without appropriate lighting or flying beyond line-of-site is a testament to why far more oversight is needed.

I'm sure counter drone electronics will start appearing online soon.  See a drone, press your button and the $700 drone flies itself into the ground... or water.  That kind of device would sell like hotcakes!

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