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Backdrop type

Hey i am looking at getting a backdrop and backdrop stand for my home studio.

I just wanted some adivce on backdrop material. I have read lots about pros and cons and have decided on getting a few variations of backdrops but nor 100% if i am going in to the right direction.

I am interested in muslin, vinyl and seamles paper.

I will do allot of low key and high key but also your mids for portraits.

To get the collection started i am considering to get:

Seamless white paper or vinyl for high key

Black muslin for high key (less reflection)

I do want to use dogs/pets in some shoot so i am leaning towards vinyl but i dont know how sturdy vinyl is to claws/ high heels. Is it like your think material?

I also read muslin backdrops are not good for models to stand on (for full bay shots) so that is putting me off a little.

I like the paper rolls because of no crease and you can cut it to reset whitch i like but also dislike because it has to be replaced whitch makes me lean towards vinyl whitch can be cleaned and ahould be more sturdy but i am a bit wooried for low key black where i mite just get the black muslin to be less reflective.

Sorry i mite be repeating my self once or twice but thats what i jave been thinking.

Any suggestions for each colour?

Just for a side info. I am considering getting this backdrop support.

I know i should go for c stands but i need to budget for now.

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