Photography as Art

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lilBuddha wrote:

Michael Firstlight wrote:

How many people does it require to certify something as art? Who governs the criteria? The answer one; art is purely subjective,

As the saying goes, art is in the eye of the beholder, Thus I submit, if one person thinks something is art, it's art to that person or persons that think it is.

The question is about as answerable as "What is Love?"

What is art is subjective. But I was interested in how people determine that for themselves and the reasoning behind it.

Fair enough. the last line of my signature says it all for me.

Tell me you know all about your camera and can use it well, and I will call you a photographer.

Tell me that you understand and can apply advanced concepts, and I will call you an enthusiast.

Tell me that you've mastered capture and processing techniques, and I will call you a craftsman.

Tell me you can do it with excellence, consistently, under any condition, and earn a major portion of your living from it, and I will call you a professional.

Show me images that reach the heart, touch the soul, and capture the imagination - and I will call you an artist.

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