Alternatives to Zoner Photo Studio?

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Re: Alternatives to Zoner Photo Studio?

evetsf wrote:

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evetsf wrote:

Of course, if you've already got a licensed version of ZPS 18, you can just keep on using that. Haven't seen anything to suggest that ZPS 18 is going to stop working & force you to either upgrade or switch to something different. Just ignore the nagging upgrade messages...


This works until I buy a new camera and need new RAW profiles.

Yes, good point. I'll be in the same boat them myself.

I've been looking around myself, and at the moment AfterShot Pro is looking pretty good...


You can add your Cameras Raw Profile by yourself as long as the manufacturer does not

change the raw format too much.

For example to add Fuji´s X-T10 just edit after making backups of the files :

File C:\Program Files\Zoner\Photo Studio 18\Resources\cameras.xml

Add :

<Camera make="FUJIFILM" model="X-T10" width="4992" height="3296" loadflags="80">
<ColorMatrix1 illuminant="17">1.2670,-0.6600,0.0088,-0.2824,1.0665,0.2495,-0.0842,0.1988,0.7109</ColorMatrix1>
<ColorMatrix2 illuminant="21">0.8458,-0.2451,-0.0855,-0.4597,1.2447,0.2407,-0.1475,0.2482,0.6526</ColorMatrix2>
<Crop left="20" top="16" width="4896" height="3264"/>
<ActiveArea top="1" left="0" bottom="3296" right="4936"/>
<Sensor CFA="FUJIX0" greensplit="0" black="1024" white="16383"/>
<Baseline exposure="0.00" shadowscale="0.00"/>

Add Modell and Crop factor in :

File C:\Program Files\Zoner\Photo Studio 18\Resources\camerasinfo.xml

I asked the Zoner Support if they would add Raf support for more Fuji Cams, but they blamed Fuji for their restrictive politics and Raf format, so i had to find out by myself.

Try it out, it works, but do it on your own risk and make backups ! Don´t blame me if you break something .

Okay, and how do we get those other data stuff like "ColorMatrix1" etc.

Well you have to convert at least one of your RAW/RAF files with Adobe free DNG-converter from RAW to DNG and than open it with ExifToolGUI (see ) . On Top, far right click Metadata and click ALL, there is all you need, just scroll down and write down the values to fit in Zoners XML file.

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