How to view iPhone X HEIC file's ISO value?

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Re: How to view iPhone X HEIC file's ISO value?

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noisephotographer wrote:

But I think the disadvantage of jpg is that you lose the depth/portrait data when you don't use Heic and backup the jpgs on a harddrive. So when you buy a new iPhone and want to transfer old photos, then the depth data will be lost?

Actually when you use the "portrait" mode on the X it saves JPG instead of HEIC

It saves jpg + heic when you use portrait mode. The advantage of heic is that it saves the depth data as far as I know. When you choose jpg the depth data is not embedded as far as I know. The bad thing when you choose jpg is also that you can't save a jpg with depth effect + jpg without depth effect anymore as far as I know. But Heic also has a disadvantage. When you view Heic files on a computer (see copytrans), one needs to convert them to sRGB. Otherwise the colors will be dull. But maybe it's an issue of copytrans, I don't know.

Ahh must be hidden in the file system. When I view in  the built in photos app the view exif it must look the up resultant jpg version. I remember on my friend iPhone 7 prior to HEIC on later iOS it saved two Jpg, one with depth and one without.

Would the heic to jpg conversation be better if the heic file was emailed and then download to a computer?

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