Do you still think lower resolution means less noise?

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Re: Do you still think lower resolution means less noise?

J A C S wrote:

Oldboy 1948 wrote:

tbcass wrote:

This fallacy, while fading still gets repeated from time to time. Maybe this from the DPR G5s preview will help explain why that's not true.

"In general terms, there's no significant advantage to large pixels over small ones: individually they have access to more light (which usually means less noise when viewed 1:1) but once you scale things to a common size, the noise and dynamic range levels tend to be similar. Instead, using more but smaller pixels can have a resolution benefit, even if you then downsize. This is because pixelated systems can only capture a certain percentage of their nominal resolution, but sampling at a higher resolution then downsizing (oversampling) can preserve some of the higher frequency detail it initially captures."

RAW at ISO 25600:


Needs to be viewed at the same resolution.


We should view the actual low light scene. Differences between the cameras become enormous as we push into the extremes:

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