A7RIII GPS alternatives for iOS users

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A7RIII GPS alternatives for iOS users

Since the Playmobile app cannot connect reliably with the iphone to get continuous GPS data, I am planning to buy an android phone just for this.

Ideally the cheapest android phone that has GPS. I would use it with data roaming off (I travel a lot) and possibly even without a SIM card.

So, GPS does not need neither data traffic nor a SIM card to work but if needed (read below) I can buy a pay as u go SIM card, no big issue.

Where I got confused is the A-GPA (Assistant GPS) thing. For example this phone selling for £17 on amazon


has only A-GPS according to this spec sheet


A-GPS is a way to speed up initial connection to GPS satellites by reading location data from traditional mobile towers and works in conjunction with GPS. A-GPS "only" means that it is not a true GPS?? I.e. no tower no position??

Assuming tower availability is not a problem when I travel, will A-GPS use data to get the position? Technically speaking it has to, but wonder whether it is the type of data you have to pay for (therefore I assume it will not work with roaming turned off?).

If you have in mind a <£50 mobile that will do the job abroad without using data traffic, please let me know!


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