Studio on his back!

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Mark B. Forum Pro • Posts: 24,692
Re: Studio on his back!

Rico Schiekel wrote:

Why did you mock this guy who is doing his favorite hobby (job?) with passion? Why is it wrong to have a big backpack to carry stuff around? Just you have less and smaller gear doesn't make you any better. He seems to have other priorities than you.

Looks like a Lowepro 450 AW, I also own and use such a backpack regularly. It not only holds my gear, it also holds food, clothes and other things I need while hiking. Quite convenient for me. Maybe not for you but that does not give you any right to judge.

I really don't understand your attitude.

I was thinking the same thing.  Nobody, including the OP that took the picture, knows why he had a large backpack on so there are an awful lot of assumptions here.

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