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Film photography seems to have become a crutch

There seems to be 2 groups of film photographers nowaday:


Photographers who are genuinely interested in and enjoy the acts of film photography and every process of it. I find the photography quality of this group to be mostly good to excellent.


"Photographers" who shoot film because it's "cool" and the "film look" adds a quality to their photos that makes up for their lack of compositional and technical skill. Mainly it seems that they shoot film because it makes them cool and get them girls.

The quality of their "photography" unfortunately I've found to be generally absolutely appalling in composition, they seemed to snap photo at everything and rely on the film look to carry them and get them likes on facebook and instagram (usually their posts are accompanied by some pretentious BS cringy text).

Unfortunately, the #2 seems to be becoming more and more prominent these days, it's a shame really.

What do you guys think?

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