Help With Windows 10 1709 Update!

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Help With Windows 10 1709 Update!

So I own a bit older Gateway PC.  It came installed with Windows 7 and I was happy with it but decided (now to my utter misery) to upgrade to Windows 10.

But it seems that this free upgrade wasn't enough.   I began being asked to perform a system upgrade to a new version of Windows 10, that they call "Version 1709."   I agreed to let them do this.

Microsoft warns me before the upgrade starts that "This will take a while," and "Do not turn your computer off, it will turn off and on several times."

Okay, fine.  Let's do this.

The only snag is that, while the download works fine, the upgrade never installs.  It always hangs up at some point in the process.  I'm left with my screen blank and my PC turned on, and if I let it go on like this, this is how it would remain in perpetuity.  No information on the status of the installation at all.

So I contacted Microsoft support.  Three times, to be exact.  In each case, a customer-service person was granted control of my PC to set up the download/installation process.  In each case, while the download works, the installation will not.  Same stalling as before.

Now I can't have my PC plugged into the Internet for very long before the "update" process starts automatically.  Microsoft used to ask me for a date/time to do the update. Now it just demands I do it by wresting control of my PC and doing it automatically whenever it detects I'm online.

What should I do?  Repeated attempts to do the update with a tech from MS doesn't work.  Should I take my PC to a third party vendor and have them attempt to do it?   Should I just unplug my PC from the Net and buy a new PC?  Should I wave bye-bye to Microsoft and buy a Mac?

Do I have any legal recourse with Microsoft here?  Has anyone else experienced my scenario?

This is becoming a nightmare.  I can't use my PC online any more.

Your responses are welcomed, from the ridiculous to rational and everything in between.

C'mon, guys: Help a brother out!

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