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Re: Thanks DPR...

Joachim Wulfers wrote:

dwa1 wrote:

vlad_b wrote:

I'm glad it's working for people!

The change we made was such that if your browser window is big enough vertically (around 900 pixels), we will show the image details in the sidebar. If it's smaller, it's still in the overlay, to avoid having to scroll to see it.

This resolves the issue for about half of our visitors. For those with smaller screens, we are doing some thinking about how to show the details in a way that doesn't cover up the image.



Thanks to DPR for listening and to you for communicating with us about this EXIF info display issue.

I was very pleased to see it back on the right hand side instead of being on top of the image.

Have you considered my suggestion from my previous post above? - Copied / pasted in the text here:

Idea... What about a single line directly under the image - like an Exif "bar"?

What I mean by this is to have a user option to display the EXIF info in a single line just below the image (instead of the other"default" option). In some cases (like when the lens info is available), it may need 2 lines.

Anyway, thanks again for your feedback.


Personally I prefer the way it is now. Many people use the photo capture to include information (besides exif) about the photo and it is often very informative. Photo location, species of animal/bird shown, etc.

That's why I suggested the "user option". Being a software developer for many years has always led me to design software applications with lots of user-control options.


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