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Re: Loxia 28 would make more sense

rjp85 wrote:

BBQue wrote:

let’s hope the rumor is false (as they usually are) and we will see L28 instead.

Nope it's real, but the good news is that Zeiss has a tradition of 21mm, 25mm, and 28mm in sets.

So even though this new Loxia is a 25mm, that doesn't mean a 28mm isn't coming. I will be buying both!

I know everyone has specific focal length they want from Zeiss in either in Batis or Loxia and it appears frustrating if your waiting for them to come out with one and its not the one you want and then you think, "But they already have that in Batis!".  Well even I think that and I own lenses from both families.

Bottom line to me is they are not duplicate lenses even if the FL is the same and the two families attract different buyers and its appears there are fans of both.

Everyone wants to beat up Zeiss about one 25mm lens focal length alternative and yet Sony has 3 UWA zooms and the same for mid range zooms and telephoto zooms, 2 85mm, 2 35mm, 3 50-55mm and they are viewed as providing more options.

Personally I think each lens family, Batis, Loxia, GM, G, Zeiss/Sony are targeting different user needs and I for one am a fan of having consistent feel and rendering in a family so having more focal lengths in a family is how I think it should be done and I support that approach. If you really like Loxia then you want all your lenses like that from UW to Telephoto so you want a 15, 18, 21, 25, 28, 35, 50, 85, 100, and 135 to choose from. You don't care about Batis. If your a Batis fan you want the same thing in the Batis line so you can choose the FL you favor (or buy all if you really want to.)  I don't know how profitable the lens business is for Zeiss but I will let them worry about that and I will worry that I can get the focal length I want with the quality and ergonomics I desire.

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