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Re: What's the advantage of this duplication?

silentstorm wrote:

Mathieu18 wrote:

Out of curiosity, would your opinion be different if Zeiss released an AF Batis 35mm f/2?

My opinion would be the same.

Batis & Loxia are both high quality lenses from Zeiss. The duplication will cause Zeiss to lose sales. Why? Simply becos' if I already own a Loxia 35/2, what are the chances of me getting another Batis 35/2?

Right here is a source of the misunderstanding (bold text). Indeed, when you consider a single person buying both Loxia and Batis of the same focal length, chances of that are relatively slim. But you need to consider that there are thousands of potential buyers, some will prefer Loxia, some Batis, some neither, and some maybe even both.

Picture is worth a thousand words, so here it is:

- L number of people will buy Loxia 25, but will never consider Batis 25 (green circle)

- B number of people will buy Batis 25, but will never consider Loxia 25 (blue circle)

- BL number of people will buy both Batis 25 and Loxia 25

- X number of people will buy either Batis 25 or Loxia 25, but not both.

You seem to consider only B and BL, but you forget that some people will have a strong preference of one over the other. For whatever reason.

Note that in this picture, B > L > BL and B > L > X. I guess it's about right, but I don't know what exact values of those are, or which group of potential buyers is larger than others. It's up for Zeiss to figure that out before deciding to manufacture some lens (lineup).

Personally, I own two native E-Mount Zeiss lenses: Loxia 21 and Batis 85:

- For 85mm I'd never consider Loxia 85 because I want AF for portraits. So I was in the blue circle. Had Zeiss never develop Batis line, I'd never buy Loxia 85 and would give my money to other manufacturer.

- For UWA, I did consider both Loxia 21 and Batis 18, and I did settle on Loxia because I cared about AF less than I cared about pretty sunstars. Had Zeiss never developed Loxia line, I would've probably tried to find an adapted lens more similar to Loxia in rendering, only getting Batis as a last resort.

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