Parabolic reflectors in the studio

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Re: Parabolic reflectors in the studio

Sailor Blue wrote:

Serjojeee wrote:

Sailor Blue wrote:

There was an extensive discussion about parabolic reflectors only a month ago. You should take the time to read through it.

DPReview - Parabolic softbox/umbrella in practice?

Thanks, I've read that already. That was kinda scientific theoretical discussion and I wanted some feedback from users. And as I see there are none of them here)

The PCB PLMs are about as close to a true umbrella type parabolic reflector as you can find. I suggest you ask your question on the PCB Technical Forum.

Paul C. Buff, Inc. Technical Forum

PCB umbrellas are not sold in russia, so I'm mostly speaking about broncolor/briese big brothers...

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