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Re: What's the advantage of this duplication?

Mathieu18 wrote:

Out of curiosity, would your opinion be different if Zeiss released an AF Batis 35mm f/2?

My opinion would be the same.

Batis & Loxia are both high quality lenses from Zeiss. The duplication will cause Zeiss to lose sales. Why? Simply becos' if I already own a Loxia 35/2, what are the chances of me getting another Batis 35/2? Unless there's a very big difference between the lenses, otherwise there's no impetus to buy a duplicate FL.  For discussion, if let's say Batis release a 35mm/1.4 & is half life size macro, that difference is enough for me to buy it. Needs something unique for people to want to duplicate FL. But make no mistake, I'm not implying there are nobody in the world who buys duplicated FL just to try out or collect them.

Would you buy a Batis 25 & also a Loxia 25? Or would you rather buy a Batis 25 & a Loxia 40. Or Batis 85 & also a Loxia 85? Or Batis 85 & a Loxia 100 Makro? Zeiss will somewhat cannibalize the sales of these 2 range with duplicate FL, like it or not, for the reason stated above.

Sticking to my opinion, it is better for Zeiss not to duplicate FL & use the production line capacity to produce different FL complementing each other.

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